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PC Repairs

If your system is suffering from software or hardware-related problems, we can help with that. Thanks to our Professional IT Technicians, we can use our extensive tools to run diagnostics, remove malware, recover your data, reinstall an operating system or speed up your PC.

Custom-Built Websites

Do you need a website, why not let our professional website designer structure, design and review your website. We offer to make you a website, a free subdomain, and a 30 Day Free Trial of our Hosting and Management Service Pack. Let us take the pressure of building a website.

Enterprise Software... For Your PC!

Give your PC the best computer software available, get up to 50% off the retail price of Microsoft® Windows and Office. The best bit, if you need the downloadable setup file anytime, just contact us with your reference number and we'll happily supply the setup file for you.

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