Our Services

Website Design Service - Starter Plan

Do you need a website? Let us take away the hassle and do it for you. With this website plan you can get yourself a two-paged website with all the information you need about your business

Price: £120.00

Website Design Service - Pro Plan

Get the best for your business with our professional website plan. Get a fully responsive, multi page website with stunning and innovative features guaranteed to get your company noticed

Price: £850.00

Website Design Service - Enterprise Plan

Ideal for larger corporate businesses, get online and display your products to the world and attract even more potential customers. Take payments easier with our built in checkout

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Domain Name Service

Let us register your perfect .com or .co.uk domain today, Get your website noticed today without a long temporary domain name, we offer a variety of extensions, inquire to us for more details

Price: Starting at £13.00/Yr.

Hosting & Management (Service Pack)

Harness the speed of a fast Content Delivery Network, backed by HTTPS/SSL-encryped servers powering your website with our Hosting & Management Service Pack! As well as hosting your website, we will make any edits, tweaks and amendments to your website whenever you need them, taking the pain out of keeping your site content up-to-date

Price: £60.00/Mo.

Hardware Installation

Save yourself the hassle of finding and replacing a part in your PC by hiring an IT Professional to examine, find and replace the component in your PC. exc. cost of PC Component

Price: £150.00 Exc. Additional Costs

Operating System Installation

Need help updating to the latest version of Windows? Why not have a professional IT Technician assist you with the installation

Price: £60.00 exc. Price of Operating System

Malware Removal

Is you computer infected with a virus? We can help by using extensive tools and software in order to detect, identify and remove viruses which have embedded themselves into your computer

Price: £80.00

Turbo Boost

Is your PC acting sluggish? then get an IT Professional to view and give your PC a clean-up with our Turbo Boost service which will increase the speed of your PC instantly

Price: £50.00

System Recovery

Is something preventing from your computer from booting? Let us diagnose the problems with your computer using our sophisticated tools and software to get you back on track

Price: £175.00 exc. Additional Costs

Networking Problems

Is your company or PC not receiving an active Internet connection? Then why not let us look at your network grid to diagnose, identify and repair problems

Price: Starting at £750.00 exc. cost of Additional Parts Required

Diagnostics Test

Can't tell what the problem is with your PC, Let us run a basic test to see what is the problem with your PC such as slow speed or hardware and software failures, which will be issued in a report

Price: £40.00

Remote Support Session

Have a problem? Why not let us remotely access your system to view problems with your PC and get you and your company back on track. We collaborate with our team to ensure your get the best service

Price: Starting at £20.00 an Hour

Publication Design Service

Need a Menu, Catalogue or Advertisements? Let us design it for you. Get a fully designed publication which can be printed to give you and your business a professional look.

Price: Starting at £55.00 (Plus £7.50/Hr)

Database Development Application NEW

Organise your business with a custom-built database application that can be executed on multiple systems. Using the power of Microsoft® Access®, Take control of your business with an array of databases to keep your company organised and ready for any occasion

Price: Starting at £200.00

Custom Logo Design Services NEW

Give your business a brand with a Custom-Made Logo Developed by Our Specialist Team. Simply give us a brief concept of what type of design you want for your logo and we will do the rest. Take the hassle out of branding your business with a custom logo from CloudDrive IT Services.

Price: Starting at £60.00